Welcome to the career happiness method.....

that makes your Friday's jealous of your Mondays!

The Monday Morning Cure membership content is based on five pillars: 

  1. Discovery & Clarity 
  2. Marketing & Branding
  3. Growth & Development 
  4. Network & Net-worth 
  5. Work Life Harmony & Lifestyle 

As a member, you will learn how to….

  • Create career marketing and branding documents for networking and to land your dream job.  These documents will have you landing interviews in no time.
  • Walk into an interview and own it using my iRockS.T.A.R. Method TM and other techniques.
  • Deal with and handle career challenges. Examples include how to handle conflict on the job, how to ask for a raise, how to land opportunities to grow your career, and even how to deal with a difficult boss or co-worker.
  • Get promoted by leveraging internal opportunities and your internal network.
  • Network like a pro inside and outside of your organization. This will help you  prepare for your “next” gig whether it’s your choice or not.
  • Negotiate your salary on the job and/or when you receive an offer from a new job.
  • Achieve your career goals by using visioning and other goal setting techniques 
  • Search for a job with ease using the internet and social media.
  • Understand and implement key competencies to grow and develop as a career professional.

And much more! Masterclasses are included and are taught by myself and curated subject matter experts.
The Monday Morning Cure has three membership levels, basic, premium, and VIP. Every month, you will receive a new lesson(s) and content.  

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